For investors

Investor characteristics

MaeG Investment is open to natural and legal persons who meet the legal definition of a qualified investor, meaning they can invest at least CZK 1 million yet also understand that the targeted above-standard investment appreciation also entails a corresponding risk.

Typical investors in our fund are former business owners looking for the optimal appreciation of the money they obtained through the sale of their company, who prefer an active approach to investing and, thanks to their previous business experience, understand the direct relationship between risk and anticipated yield. Another type of investor is active entrepreneurs who invest either directly using their own assets or use available funds from their businesses.

„We consult the individual opportunities with the investors. An investor knowledgeable about the business of a company in which we invest may represent the fund in its statutory bodies.“

Investment strategy

We are interested in companies that have established customers and a growing market. Their management has a vision of where they want to take the company and the ability and experience required to make that vision a reality. These companies usually show the following characteristics:

  • They are promising companies in various stages of their lives, however each with a clear investment story based on an attractive market in which the company operates and its ability to succeed on that market.
  • These companies have strong management teams that have already seen success, share our vision and strategic targets for the next several years, and are ready to become our partners. We consider it a fundamental motivational factor that the key managers of a company into which we want to invest have the chance to obtain a certain ownership interest in the company.
  • We understand the subject of business of the company and are convinced that our entry will be of benefit to that company.
  • We are able to anticipate who will purchase the company from us in several years’ time, and what will have to take place to ensure that the sale brings us the required appreciation of our investment.

We respect that different investors have differing preferences. Hence we have set up two different sub-funds with separate assets and accounting. Right at the start, the investor selects which sub-fund to enter. Their investment then appreciates solely within that sub-fund.

The Industry sub-fund focuses on investments into medium-sized companies operating in traditional sectors.

The Technology sub-fund searches for opportunities in promising fast-growth sectors and investments into innovative companies.

How to become an investor

If you would like to know more about MaeG Investment and its sub-funds, contact us at +420 227 031 495, write to us at or use the reply form here.

A fund manager will then contact you and guide you, as a licenced entity, through the whole process.

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