Fund characteristics

Fund structure and form

MaeG Investment is an accredited investor fund (pursuant to Act No 240/2013). This type of fund is intended exclusively for investors who are aware of the risks connected with this mode of investing. The minimum investment is CZK 1 million, while the investor must count on the fact that the money needs to remain in the fund for at least five years.

„When entering the fund, an Investor chooses from two sub-funds with separate assets and accounting.“

The Industry sub-fund is intended for investors who prefer traditional industries, in particular the manufacturing companies segment. The Technology sub-fund is intended for investors who prefer investments into new technologies or highly innovative business models.

The term SICAV in the fund’s name indicates an investment firm with variable capital. This legal form was chosen to ensure an open form of investing. Unlike traditional (closed) private equity funds, MaeG Investment has been established for an unspecified period of time and this means that investors can enter the fund without limitation.

How we differ

  • As consultants, we know the local market perfectly. We know where to find suitable investment opportunities.
  • We know what to look for when assessing businesses, how to recognise a business with hidden potential, and what to do to ensure its further development.
  • In us, the company’s management has a serious partner. We do not invest unless we are certain our entry will be of benefit for the business, and we actively participate in the strategic management of the company.
  • At the end of our involvement, we are able to anticipate the right moment to sell the business and find a suitable investor that will offer an appropriate price.

„We offer a unique interconnection between investors and the top-flight advisory services of a company with global competence and know-how.“

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